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My name is Thomas Christensen
I am Milliron X

What is a "Milliron X"?

It's a cattle brand, of course! My cattle brand!

The milliron is the bar with a bend in the middle. It does not represent anything physical or textual per se, and is therefore a rather unique element in cattle brands. Millirons are difficult to modify into another brand, and provide a guarantee of authentic ownership.

X is the letter of mystery and mystique. For nerds, it's the unknown in any algebra problem. Ranchers and cowboys will associate it with big names like the "Bar X" and the "Double X." In either case, it lends itself to a sense of withholding, prestige, and power.

Together, these two symbols represent the qualities I strive for in each of my works: authenticity, originality, power, depth, and prestige.

Who am I?

Image courtesy Guy McCutcheon Photography

I am

  • 🧬 A bioinformatician (by profession)
  • 📐 An engineer (by education)
  • 🐂 A rancher (by lifestyle)
  • 🖥️ A techie (self-taught)
  • 🎥 And a filmmaker (at heart)

I've got a soft spot for Brown Swiss dairy cows (just in case you couldn't tell by the pictures), and am sometimes called "one of those crazy, Wyoming dairy cow people." I love anything to do with cattle or technology, but especially anything to do with both of them.

Christian, American, Convervative, Pro-gun, Heterosexual - any questions?

Where am I?

I am a Wyomingite sojurning in Kansas. That ought to lead to some interesting stories.

Around the web you can find me at (in order of subjective importance)

This list is intended to verify my identity on other sites. Please do not use it as fodder to try and "follow" me on each of these platforms. I stand with RMS:

Facebook is a bad place for a person to be. When people find us on Facebook, we lead them away from Facebook and then talk with them elsewhere.

I typically don't respond to inqueries made on these platforms. Please use my contact form, instead.

Academic Publications and Presentations

23 Oct 2023

I have spent too long in school and not enough time in the middle of nowhere – Baxter Black, DVM During my time in academia, I have amassed a few notable accomplishments. Of course, as the old saying goes, “if it isn’t published, then it never happened,” so here is a list of everything that actually happened. Several of these articles are also available on my Google Scholar page, but this is the complete list. Read more »

Contact Me

01 Jul 2023

Contact Me Name Email Phone number Category I'm hiring for artificial insemination Something else Subject Message Cancel Submit Read more »

Artificial Insemination

31 Dec 2022

Cattle artificial insemination services I am licensed in the Great State of Wyoming as a food animal artificial insemination technician. I only offer AI services for cows, even though legally I could AI cows, goats, and sheep. My services are most readily available in the southeast Wyoming area or the Flint Hills of Kansas depending on the time of year. Rate schedule Insemination (per cow) $25.00 5 cow minimum charge Milage (per mile, one-way) $1. Read more »

My Websites

01 Mar 2022

I do occasionally build websites for myself and other people. Here is a list of websites I have contributed code to directly, in a vain attempt to gain each of them some search engine cred. Read more »


16 Feb 2017

The culmination of all art forms is that of film. A good film must have the plot and language of a good novel, characters as bold and stunning as sculpture, a rhythm as driving and delicate as poetry, frame compositions more stellar that those of photography, and music that speaks to the souls of both the characters on screen and the viewers off. But I digress. Most of my forays into the world of film are immortalized on my Peertube channel, but I decided to share a few highlights here. Read more »