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My name is Thomas Christensen
I am Milliron X

Milliron X - The homepage of Thomas A. Christensen II

I am an engineer by training, a rancher by upbringing, a techie by experience, and a filmmaker at heart. I’ve got a soft spot for Brown Swiss dairy cows (just in case you couldn’t tell by the background image), and am sometimes called “one of those crazy, Wyoming dairy cow people.” I love anything to do with cattle or technology, but especially anything to do with both of them.

Christian, American, Conservative, Pro-gun, Heterosexual - any questions?

What is a “Milliron X”?

It’s a cattle brand, of course! My cattle brand!

The milliron is the bar with a bend in the middle. It does not represent anything physical or textual per se, and is therefore a rather unique element in cattle brands. Millirons are difficult to modify into another brand, and provide a guarantee of authentic ownership.

X is the letter of mystery and mystique. For nerds, it’s the unknown in any algebra problem. Ranchers and cowboys will associate it with big names like the “Bar X” and the “Double X.” In either case, it lends itself to a sense of withholding, prestige, and power.

Together, these two symbols represent the qualities I strive for in each of my works: authenticity, originality, power, depth, and prestige.

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Metagenomic analysis of rumen populations in week-old calves as altered by maternal late gestational nutrition and mode of delivery

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