Videography Portfolio

The culmination of all art forms is that of film.

A good film must have the plot of a good novel, the legendary characters of sculpture, the tantalizing rhythm of poetry, the stellar composition of photography, and the swelling melodies of music.

But I digress. Most of my forays into the world of film are immortalized on my Vimeo account, but I decided to share a few highlights here. Enjoy!

If You Come Out to the Fair

My extension agent asked me to make a promotional video for our county fair. This is the only film of mine that has drawn an emotional response. I think I retired after this.

Farm Bureau Ag Olympics Reel

The Albany County Farm Bureau Young Farmer's and Rancher's committee asked me to come and shoot a highlight reel of the Ag Olympics booth they ran at the Wyoming Football Wyoming Needs Agriculture Day. I gave away all rights to this one except for bragging rights.

Non Verum: The Mystery Killer

My first documentary mockumentary. This film won 2nd place at the 2016 National 4-H Film Festival, and I've been told that it's more polished than the pieces done by the local TV stations. No one seems to think it's funny, though, so I'm not sure how successful it was. Please do me a favor and google every term you don't understand while watching it, and perhaps you'll fare better.

In the Hayfields

I always get the comment that our implements are old whenever I show this video off. I just ignore the naysayers, though, and good thing, too, because a version of this video won a GoPro Award. Still waiting to see my footage on their channel, though.

Want to see more videos? Please petition Vimeo to loosen their overall storage limits. They used to be the coolest site for video uploading, but have priced me out now.