I do occasionally build websites for myself and other people. Here is a list of websites I have contributed code to directly, in a vain attempt to gain each of them some search engine cred

Vedauwoo Goats

Lists all the goats owned by my friend over at Vedauwoo Goats. I built the site to act as a content management system , meaning that I'm responsible for the design, and someone else is responsible for the mistakes, I mean, content. Sometimes, I will put my two cents on the blog under the moniker "The Web Guru," but only when important web stuff is going on.

Thumbnail of Albany County 4-H Record Book website

Albany County 4-H Record Books

I constructed this site to hold the record book helps of the rebellious Albany County, Wyoming. Due to the bureaucratic lag that it takes to update, it got updated just in time for Wyoming 4-H to ditch paper record books entirely. Oh, well.