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James A. Fellows Yate

nf-core/taxprofiler: highly parallelised and flexible pipeline for metagenomic taxonomic classification and profiling

23 Oct 2023
Sofia Stamouli Moritz E. Beber Tanja Normark Thomas A. Christensen II Lili Andersson-Li Maxime Borry Mahwash Jamy nf-core community James A. Fellows Yate

Metagenomic classification tackles the problem of characterising the taxonomic source of all DNA sequencing reads in a sample. A common approach to address the differences and biases between the many different taxonomic classification tools is to run metagenomic data through multiple classification tools and databases. This, however, is a very time-consuming task when performed manually - particularly when combined with the appropriate preprocessing of sequencing reads before the classification. Here we present nf-core/taxprofiler, a highly parallelised read-processing and taxonomic classification pipeline. Read more »